Our Eye Care Day Spa Services

Eyebrow Shaping ~ $15 and up

Shaping with wax, tweezers or both

Eyebrow Tinting ~ $15 with Lashes $10

Eyelash Tinting ~ $35

Eyelash Lift ~ $70

Eyelash Extensions ~ $50

Lash clusters are blended between your own to create fuller, thicker lashes. Lasts 3-6 days.

Eyelash Fills ~ $60- $150

We only use medical grade adhesive.

Semi-Permanent Lashes ~ $175-$275

Look like a movie star with long, lustrous, natural looking lashes. The lashes can last for months with regular maintenance and will not damage your own lashes. “Fill-ins” are required if you want to maintain your lashes and your lash tech will consult with you as fill prices vary.